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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

updates updates!!lolx

so fast de e-filing period ending tmr.. already extend my stay there. meanwhile mus find a beta and perm job le. tired of customer service after this period at iras. so i am gg to be back of the house for the time being. lolx.tmr will be the last day, hope everything goes on well.=) glad to know a few easy gg frens in iras. its fun with u guys ard!

alrite, thts all for now.. tired.. gotta slp loh. hehe

dolphlyn out
@ |9:01 AM|

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

so far 2 days of training at was quite ok la except tht there r quite a lot to learn..hope i can handle the tasks and situations well..will do my best! =) hands on tis cuming friday..quite excited actually.. no need to stay in the room all day..

been missing my dearest frens in swiss.. xueqi, xueting, samantha and shi hui! i will make time for banquet too.. hehe..c u all ard soon!

dolphlyn out
@ |8:01 AM|

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

hahaz.. after so long..finally gt the feel to blog again..

today jus went shopping with yuwei.. horray! shopping spree ! lst time ever did i shop far east until so thorough.. lolx.. gt myself a shorts, a top and a pair of flats.. hehe..and yuwei gt a shorts, a top, a necklace and a belt.. both gt shou huo..=) yup..i still need a watch.. we really enjoyed shopping and laughing at stupid stuffs.. time seems to pass by veri slowly today..hahaz..good..met siwei for dinner.. so qiao his training was cancel becuz it rained..lolx..hey! he gt something too! classical cd ok? someone veri high class hor? oops. hm sweet hm den.

these few weeks working banquet part time.. 2 interesting events we did.. one is outdoor catering to sentosa and one is spore open dancesport championship held in swissotel..

the sentosa one is fun.. its a Russian biz forum and we were serving on the man-built ice skating rink on siloso beach.. cool rite? considered the ice skating performance for ministers and delegates to spore..nice performance.. hehe..=)

the dancesport championship is interesting too.. imagine the centre of the ballroom is a big dancefloor for the competition.. and dancers from diff countries putting on their best for the competition..diff sort of dances like waltz, jazz, wat rumba etc.. hahaz.. wow.. little kids dancing so pro..thts one pretty korean dancer too.. hope there r more interesting events like this in the future.. hehe..

dolphlyn out
@ |8:59 AM|

Thursday, February 01, 2007

had a great sense of satisfaction today. cleaned the dirty toilet.lolx. whole family cleaning house. i helped a lot. hehe. by rite gg to marina bay after reunion dinner de but cant seems to finish up the cleaning and mum was tired so guess nxt time ba.=)

given ah ming ge surprise visit when he came back from finland. welcome back! hope u get use to spore again wor. lolx

ytd was wilson burfdae! so gonna wish him happie happie burfdae! hope u enjoy yar! really enjoyed ytd outing with u, yuwei, siwei and Prins. dunno when we able to meet up like this again. lolx. keep in touch pple!

wish all happie chinese new year! mayb everything went on fine and all get lotsa hong baos! hehe. hope i wun get fat too eating those goodies. lolx.

dolphlyn out
@ |1:19 AM|

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

had my final year project presentation last thurs..finally its over!! =D a burden off my mind.. heh heh.. thank you miss loh siying for ur ai xin famous Amos cookies.. hehe.. nice..not forgetting jennifer for the blazer too.. everything went well except for the Q&A session..but overall should be ok ba..friday was the deadline for all projects and we had a role play too.. so nw we left with exams..(= mus mug le.

treat from jiemin "daddy".. met him on fri and sun.. so long nv see him liao..happy.. hehe.. no changes for daddy except we gt a "mummy" liao.. hehe.. shshh.. secret..

and so after lunch.. mi, sy, raph and joo went for k-ing session.. miss k-ing.. but tht day voice nt really gd la.. haha.. a bit sore throat.. lolx..but still, we enjoyed..=)

ok, mus treasure this last week of sch b4 study break and exams le..

things been so complicated recently for everyone..let nature take its course! haha..

dolphlyn out
@ |11:12 PM|

Monday, January 08, 2007

lst day after sch reopens.. hmm.. realise i gt quite a lot of things to settle this week.. projects and role play.. gt the dates wrong for my fyp presentation.. super blur mi.. so nw mus chiong liao.. i am 1 of the presenters..jia you px!

finally went to watch death note 2 with yuwei and kristie last week.. "L" is so cute! haha..we were gg crazy.. anyway wanted to watch nite at museum the nxt day de but happen to be mum's sick so i went hm early..

friday went sentosa to suntan with jenn, joe and benny.. yeah! finally went sentosa again after so long.. =) had fun there..played cards and volleyball. i lurve it. hahaz. there was a hyperactive big dog on the beach too. went to play LuGe at the later part of the day , it is something like "go kart".. i enjoyed the skyride and LUGe! hahaz.
decided to join them to dxo at nite..enjoy dancing, didnt drank much la. hahaz. and yes! jenn's god bro so cute. hehe.

tata, gonna continue my projs.. nitez

dolphlyn out
@ |11:50 PM|

Thursday, January 04, 2007

wat to say.. my 2006 ended bad and 2007 started bad too..
met yuwei and wilson after my work on dec 31lst to countdown..wah.. really kelian.. didnt manage to contact either one of them..and esplanade there was flooded with pple.. i exit from the wrong exit so i went opp esplanade instead and was stuck there watchin fireworks alone..feel so much to go hm however it was worse so i took a uturn and walk my way thru to find wilson at the bridge..tht was my motivaton at tht point of time. lolx. heng i manage to find him and waited for yuwei. stupid thing is! kena molested by a blanga. i damn angry lo. blame myself for being so blur. didnt protect myself. arghh!

2006 ended bad cuz i was scolded by the team leader during work..suay suay suay.. dun feel like saying le.. anyway... start afresh nw! haha.
i simply love my second week of holi cuz everyday was filled with activites.. haha..mon had a bbq with my clique ..everything was quite well except the rain part.. it was drizzling on and off.. a big thank you to terrence who brought kristie and mi to jurong fishery port to have a look , drove us home and send us right to the doorstep..=)
went for GUTS chalet from tues to thurs..really really happy.. i love my year pple to bits! its was a relaxing chalet.. enjoyed myself..played bishi bashi and puzzle bubbles cuz i onli knew these 2 games.. learnt a bit of Majong.. watched saw 3 which is gross.. had girls talk..and nt forgetting the bbq!=D
weekends = working

haPPIe 2007 everyone!

dolphlyn out
@ |1:10 AM|